The Foundation for a Free Society

The Foundation for a Free Society is an educational organization dedicated to promoting the principles of liberty, personal sovereignty, private property, and free markets in order to create a more free and prosperous society.
We believe that the key to a free society is individuals who understand their natural rights, and are empowered to exercise them. Free individuals are the literal foundation, the building blocks, of freedom.

The Foundation for a Free Society equips citizens and future leaders to understand and defend the Philosophy of Liberty for the next generation.

We want to help make freedom “click” in the minds of a new generation of people.

Our mission isn’t just to educate, but to equip people with the knowledge and tools they need to live as free individuals.

Our three-fold mission is to:

Provide education and training in the Philosophy of Liberty by distributing materials and organizing events.

Enable individuals to more effectively communicate the Philosophy of Liberty in their community.

Promote individual sovereignty by providing information on alternatives in the areas of education, agorism, currency, health and wellness, self-defense, and entrepreneurship.